A Terribly Late Gaming Update!

Hello friends!

I realize I have not updated since I posted about quitting World of Warcraft (probably for good this time). So, here's a quick update about what I'm up to lately!

I relaunched my Twitch channel, so I've been streaming a variety of games 2-3 times a week. I've settled on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday gaming schedule for now. On Tuesdays, I've been playing No Man's Sky (above), and on Thursdays, Baldur's Gate 3. Saturdays vary depending on mood and what my friends feel like playing.

I played New World for a bit after launch, which I enjoyed, but it also became very repetitive and boring very fast. Like, after a week of playing, it felt like I had really done most of what the game had to offer, which is really disappointing. I was hoping for something a bit more robust, but there just isn't very much content. It's fine, I guess, for just goofing around for a bit, but not something I am very interested in playing actively.

I've dropped off of Hearthstone again. It got boring. The United in Stormwind expansion added some cool concepts, but it quickly became a very one-note meta in Standard play, with everyone playing the same three decks to climb the ladder. I haven't tried the new Mercenaries mode either. I'm getting a bad vibe of cash-grab focus for the game, which is putting me off.

But those are the games I'm not playing.

I am greatly enjoying No Man's Sky! It is the perfect blend of chill exploration, resource gathering, and building stuff. It's probably my favorite game right now, just because it is so relaxing. I can easily lose myself for hours doing nothing more than riding around in my exocraft mining resources and collecting data.

I'm also playing Baldur's Gate 3 again. I was attempting to do an evil character campaign, but they recently released Patch 6, rendering all old saves no longer playable with new content, so I've created a new character, a Draconic Sorcerer with Gold Dragon ancestry. I still haven't decided what kind of playthrough it will be yet. I'm leaning toward a haughty, proud, I-know-better-than-you character with a superiority complex, who avoids fights when possible, but if not, she burns it to the ground to get her way, all in the name of the "greater good" of course. I do still want to do an evil playthrough at some point because I think it would be interesting, but it's also more difficult to pull off, I think. Equally true with a pacifist character.

As for other games, I'm thinking of returning to Elder Scrolls Online for my MMO fix. It's far more interesting and has way more content than New World. I still haven't finished the Skyrim content, nor have I started the Oblivion content they released, so definitely plenty to do there!

I kept meaning to post updates on all of the games I've been playing, but I've been busy playing them (ha). Be sure to check out my Twitch channel for some chill gaming time.