Games this Week… Murder Crafters Anonymous

This will be a very short post since I have not done much in the way of gaming this week. 

We had D&D on Monday night, starting a new, high level adventure. I rolled a Gloomstalker Ranger / Arcane Archer who gets a stupid bonus to initiative at 18th level. She is essentially Blade, but if Blade was a Tiefling and hunted Demons instead of Vampires. I love her.

In ESO, last weekend, I finished the main storyline in Vvardenfell with my Warden, and now me and my husband are gallivanting across the island in order to 100% the map. A bunch of new quests have popped up that we’ve been picking up along the way, and we picked up one that requires us to go to seven different shrines to collect some powerful stones that I’m looking forward to playing through. I love doing the delves in ESO. I like everything about this game, basically.

I haven’t played much since the weekend, as we decided to watch the John Wick movies over the last three days (in case you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing instead of streaming games at night). We will probably jump back into ESO tonight, so I should have more to report next week. I have been sure to log in every day to get my daily rewards at least, and do my daily crafting writs, hence the title of this blog post “Murder Crafters Anonymous”—which is kinda hilarious paired with the Animal Crossing image, hello. I mean, honestly, in ESO, we just gallivant across the countryside murdering banditos and cultists and whowhatever else decides to pick a fight, and then return to a city to make shit with all the loot we picked up.

I get very invested in crafting. Right now, I’m trying to level up all of my various professions so that I can make more furniture for my inn apartments. To be honest, I could probably play this game exclusively to create furniture and decorate houses. Like, I would be happy just with that.

Other than D&D and ESO, I’ve been poking at Hearthstone every now and again. Two more solo adventure chapters have popped up since my last Hearthstone update but I haven’t done them yet. When I do play, I’ve been playing Standard or Battlegrounds.

Still haven’t touched Warcraft III. I’ve seen so many bad reviews about it (and the fact that Blizzard is issuing refunds for it) that I’m not sure when I’ll pick it up to play. The whole Battle for Azeroth debacle put a bad taste in my mouth for Blizzard games right now.

I had been looking forward to the sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest to come out this month, but either I read the release date wrong (I seriously thought it was coming out today) or they pushed it back, because it doesn’t come out until March. Ugh.

The new Animal Crossing also comes out for the Switch next month, and I’m stupid excited for that.

Any new games coming out soon that you’re looking forward to?